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Happy Eid Mubarak! Like everyone else, this year I return to my homeland, Terengganu. Only a few places got Unifi coverage, and my mom's house isn't one of em. 


Speed? Awful..after a long time using Unifi and Maxis, I Would be happy if they at least gave ...

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gitignore not working?

When working with django, I really dont like adding my migration files on my git. Yes, I know they said you should have same migration on locally and on your production server, but when you have multiple branch..sometimes it would mess up your database on your production server.

So ...

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Backup and Restore Postgres Filles

 Been long since I use mysql, ever since I tried postgres, I'm hooked. Postgres got so many feature and more stable, to me at least. JSON field, HStore, and no more stupid corrupt table. In my Mysql time, I had to recreate index on my innodb table so many times because ...

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Centralise Your Logging with ELK

3 years using elasticsearch, I only know 1 purpose for that apps..for indexing my content for superfast searching, until yesterday. 

I managed a couple of dedicated server and vps on various country and it kinda pain in my ass to ssh into everybox and check each one of ...

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Getting Birthday from Malaysian NRIC

A lots of info we can get from Malaysian IC. So, I got a task to make a function to extract date of birth from user's IC.Took me less then 10 lines of code.


from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta

def myic(ic):
    dob = ic ...

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