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Happy Eid Mubarak! Like everyone else, this year I return to my homeland, Terengganu. Only a few places got Unifi coverage, and my mom's house isn't one of em. 


Speed? Awful..after a long time using Unifi and Maxis, I Would be happy if they at least gave ...

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Backup and Restore Postgres Filles

 Been long since I use mysql, ever since I tried postgres, I'm hooked. Postgres got so many feature and more stable, to me at least. JSON field, HStore, and no more stupid corrupt table. In my Mysql time, I had to recreate index on my innodb table so many times because ...

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Getting Birthday from Malaysian NRIC

A lots of info we can get from Malaysian IC. So, I got a task to make a function to extract date of birth from user's IC.Took me less then 10 lines of code.


from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta

def myic(ic):
    dob = ic ...

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Dynamic Breadcrump

Base URL and $state.href in AngularJS

So, while I was working on dynamic breadcrumb on 1 of my project. Its a forum modul using angularjs in django. I passed current absolute url into a rootscope;


$rootScope.urlparent = $state.href($, $state.params, {absolute: true});


, but noticed something strange..when I clicked the ...

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Counting Chilld and Sub Child in Django ORM

Yeah, sorry about the image..I just re-watched Running Man where Jessica was in that show. So, I built a forum using Django and AngularJS, and I want to display a statistic for every forum's category, like how many topics and how many replies to that topic. Yeah, that was pieace ...

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