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Customize Django Admin

Instead of editing admin template, I found out that the easiest way to do a basic customization for admin text is by just editing our main


Step 1, open your main, be sure to import admin from django.contrib

from django.contrib import admin
from ...

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Django REST Framework

django REST Performance

So, I was building a Forum for my client using django + Angularjs, while building the front end with test data, I notice that DRF using a whooping 23 queries for 2 post and 1 replies!

Yes, its a bit too much..and its increasing with more post and replies. After ...

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php vs python

PHP VS Python - Why I jump ship

After coding manually with PHP (you know, separate path using directory and stuff instead of dynamic url), I decided to use a framework.

So, I start researching PHP framework to learn. After long consideration, I choose Laravel, but after play around a little bit.. I told my self, fuck this ...

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