Streamyx Default Password


Happy Eid Mubarak! Like everyone else, this year I return to my homeland, Terengganu. Only a few places got Unifi coverage, and my mom's house isn't one of em. 


Speed? Awful..after a long time using Unifi and Maxis, I Would be happy if they at least gave us 2Mbps Upload speed. 

 So, this damn streamyx suddenly stop working tonight, I tried to log in its router, took forever..I thought I saved it on my evernote but turn out its on text files. (Spotlight Save the day!)


So, here I gonna put it here instead.


Streamyx Default Password
  Router Default IP Username Password
ArtNet modem admin telekomst
    admin admin
    admin password
Aztech modem / admin <blank>
    admin password
    admin admin
Billion BiPAC 5112S admin password
D-Link DSL-2640B tmadmin tmadmin
Huawei admin admin
Hyundai HSE-220 ADSL ADSL
    admin ADSL
    root root
Innacomm W3100 tmadmin tmbusiness
    tmuser tmuser
KASDA admin telekomst
Riger DB102 tmadmin tmadmin
TP-LINK ADSL2 admin admin
Triz admin aaaaaaaa (8x 'a')
ZTE ZXDSL 831 ADSL expert03
    admin telekomst


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