Getting Birthday from Malaysian NRIC

A lots of info we can get from Malaysian IC. So, I got a task to make a function to extract date of birth from user's IC.Took me less then 10 lines of code.


from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta

def myic(ic):
    dob = ic ...

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php vs python

PHP VS Python - Why I jump ship

After coding manually with PHP (you know, separate path using directory and stuff instead of dynamic url), I decided to use a framework.

So, I start researching PHP framework to learn. After long consideration, I choose Laravel, but after play around a little bit.. I told my self, fuck this ...

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django rock!

Awww Yiss!!

So, I noticed that my wordpress blog was down after I've upgrade it to 4.0.. and as a dedicated lazy person, I refused to troubleshoot what has gone wrong with my site even though I knew that is must have been due to some uncompatible plugin. So I decided to make ...

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